Briggs & Stratton Model 030235 Portable Generator Information

I paid $649 for the Briggs & Stratton model 030235 portage generator on discount sales at Pep Boys. My home is Houston and there are often storms and flood events that will knock out electric service. Furthermore want to have emergency power for my small insurance and mortgage business.

The generator is with a rating of 5550 watts with 8550 starting watts. It provides a 5 gallon vehicle's gas tank and may also run for 7 hours at 50% load. There is 120 and 240 outlets and were included with a whopping duty extension cord set.

Oil was part of the box and as i assemble the oil and fuel from it started on the first pull. Its moderately noisy, as to what you would probably expect because of this size generator. The documentation is adequate.

One good reason I selected this generator would be the host for starting or surge watts. One of many ways to use my generator is to run window air conditioning. A standard 10, 000 BTU unit might run on 1200 watts but have to have an added 1800 starting watts. A much better unit could take far more starting watts thus suggest 2, 000 and up extra starting watts if you'd like to run an aura conditioner. You simply will not manage to run your central air conditioning equipment using this type of generator simply because they typically need 10, 000 if not more starting watts, in addition to the running watts.

Here's a solid idea of what you might run because of this generator:

Two 10, 000 room air conditioning (2, 400 watts)

Refrigerator (800)

Freezer (500)

Television (500)

Microwave (1, 000)

Together with a few small lights

To set up to acquire a generator below are great tips:

Don't wait for an hurricane or flood, generators are going to be sold-out or costly

Don't undersize the generator, purchase one that is certainly adequate to your requirements

Receive a few 5 gallon gas cans as well as some extra fuel

Add fuel stabilizer towards the stored gas and alter at the least annually

Obtain a durable extension cord made for generators

Use caution and browse the directions, generators and gasoline are dangerous!

Generators certainly are a target for theft, store them securely

Should you have any queries about it generator you could visit my site inside my Texas flood insurance website.